√ Motivation!!

The role of motivation 

Motivation plays a very important role in our social and personal life , it improves our skills, gives us strength and power to move on and keep going for our dreams and plans and to fade the stress and anxiety and negative thoughts to make things well .

How can you motivate yourself 

You can motivate yourself by many things and behaviors , also you can ask your parents and friends for it .

Motivating yourself depends on you , do you want to keep going in that career which has stressed you ? If yes , so it will be easy to get motivation , because you already had the materials which are the ability , love , the Insight about the future and be sure you will get what you want .

How can i motivate my friends 

You can motivate your friends by telling them about their achievements and the success they have gain in past , how they skipped difficulties and problems to be in where they are today , you can also , dear reader , motivate them my promising them that you will give them a present if they achieve what they want .

10 tips for motivation 

  • Honest competition: that type is recommended too much , because ; seeing other energies trying to be in the top , will make you absolutely motivated .
  • The good future : yes , seeing the future from the present is one of the most important tips for motivation , knowing what to do after studying or whatever you are doing in life , skipping difficulties that will help absolutely , dear reader , you have to make sure that you have plans for future or you will be in trouble .
  • Chocolate : yes , scientists say that chocolate improves the psychological state and moral by developing syrotonin  hormone , it gives the feeling of love and good mood to move on .
  • Achieve dreams : put in your mind that achieving dreams is related with that moment , you have to think about your dreams , your future , you have to concentrate now and keep moving to get what you need easily.
  • Promise : promise yourself you will have fun once you finish , and not just finishing but finishing with good grades or in other word with good results .
  • Good mood : dance , sing , share jokes but control the time you are doing that , nevermind ;that will help you the moment you are depressed and needed help .
  • Get enough rest : sleeping is one of the best tips , it gives the person a organized brain to think and a confidence to complete tasks .
  • Drink water regularly: yes , scientists say that drinking water helps the brain to update information and organize them correctly .
  • Surf in internet : if you get stressed and worried try surfing  in internet a little bit and then come back to complete tasks .
  • Say your problems to someone can give your help : try to ask for advices , how to remove stress how to motivate your self , from you professors , your family , or your friends either .

Results of motivation 

There are many results of motivation , between them we can find , success , confidence , self love , and a good controller_ organizer .

What will happen if there is no motivation

  • The person without motivation can consider his difficulties the last step for his career, but in fact he has to consider them as a barrier he has to ignore them.
  • Also without motivation the person can drop out of school this is a big problem about the lack of motivation
  • He can give up and leave his dreams just because of small problems need  a little motivation.

 so finally they’re either the person should be aware that if there is no one can motivate me here I am I can motivate myself by myself and if there is someone it will be great tho

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