Long distance relationships: How to make them work?


Every relationship is tending to meet so many challenges and it is both partners duty to overcome them and make it successful.
One of the hardest obstacles that a relationship can endure is the long distance, it is difficult because it consists of two people who decided to be together but at the same time not in the literal sense of the word, which means that they are together but live far away from each other.

You can also notice that every time you decide to be in a long distance relationship, your environment is going to try to advise you against it, your family will aim to discourage you until you give up, and your friends will keep convincing you that it is a bad idea and it will leave you with a broken heart eventually.

But what if all that is not necessarily true, what if a long-distance relationship could actually succeed and become something beautiful?
Only the two parts of the relationship are able to decide whether or not they are ready to make their couple last or if they will end it as soon as it begins.

Here are some tips that are helpful to make a long-distance relationship work:

1. Trust: As we all know, trust if the key to make every relationship work, if we lose it then we are only wasting our time and then the relationship is no longer valuable. Adding the long distance to the equation requires from both sides to trust each other even more and believe in them, and also avoid accusing each other of things if you’re not completely sure it’s true news.

2. Communication: talk to each other about anything and everything, if something is bothering you make sure to talk about it to your partner, if you don’t like something about them let them know and try to find a middle solution about it.
In the same sense, avoid asking so many questions and pushing your partner to the edge, that could create a trust issue and make it difficult to communicate.

3. Avoid middling your environment in your relationship: even for normal relationships, when so many get involved it becomes hard to solve the problems because of all the opinions coming from different sides. For a long-distance relationship if aggravates the situation if the couple takes their problems and share them with their friends, because they will be receiving advice from different parts and then it will be hard to solve it over the phone. If you truly believe in your partner and in your relationship, you’ll always try to solve your problems between the two of you and keep your friends away as much as possible from your relationship problems.

4. Sacrifice: being able to make sacrifices and try to meet as much as you can, that meeting is always sweet and beautiful and gives you energy to carry on with the relationship.
Long distance relationships can be a very beautiful thing if it’s treated the right way, when the couple respect, love and cherish each other they will always find a way to make their relationship work.
To sum up, we could say that long distance is just temporary when people are actually serious about making it succeed, the couple should be ready to make efforts to overcome this obstacle and finally get together in the same place.

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