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After a great effort and fatigue at work or study, people enjoy spending the holiday in comfort, traveling, visiting monuments, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, knowing the most important tourist attractions, getting to know different peoples,

their customs, traditions, and dishes. In this article, we will talk about travel and the most important tips to follow when traveling.

”Travel is the movement of a person from one place to another for the purpose of work, tourism, commerce, visit, study, immigration, worship, cultural, exploratory, recreational, political or Travel for a long time or short, and a place as far or close as available to the person”

Things you should follow before traveling

Make a search for your destination, read some research about the country you will visit, know its currency, the customs of its people and traditions, its tourist attractions, and the general atmosphere of the region.

Select the airline you will travel to, select the hotel you will be staying in, and reserve your room.

Check your passport validity, get a visa if you are traveling to a place that requires a visa, and finds out where your embassy is located.

If you have a pet, you have to find a place to live; many countries prevent animals from entering it.

Get vaccinations that guarantee your safety if you go to a place where there are many epidemics.

Pack all your luggage, especially your task; your clothes are important and

appropriate for the area of your destination, your medicines, your electronic device charger, first aid box, and make sure your bags are weighed so as not to exceed the weight of the bags allowed.

Take some cash with you, and ask your bank about the possible way to withdraw money when you need it from the country you are going to.

Clean your home, cover furniture with a cloth so that it does not get dirty, and get rid of foods that are nearing expiration, so you can find your home clean when you return.


Pay all bills due to you so that you do not lose your services, and you are not subject to financial penalties.

Give your travel number and hotel number to someone you trust; it will tell you immediately if an emergency occurs.

Give a friend you trust the key to your spare home to clean your plants and to reserve in the event of an emergency.

Close the gas jar, make sure all windows and the door are closed, and remove the power cutter.

Do the alarm in your home before you leave, in order to avoid being robbed.

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