Happiness is a result and a feeling that come to you and reflects on your psychological state and your mood , what make the person seeing the good side of life with a positive way , so it is that feeling what is considering as an anti_sadness and depression.

How can I be happy ? 

Being happy depends on you , do you want to be happy? , If yes , so it is possible and easy to be .The person should live his life correctly , should change his routines to feel happiness , meeting new people through the day can  bring happiness , seeing a funny behavior can make him laugh  , and hearing a joke from a friend is also something relates to happiness .

So from these behaviors we can notice that the person can achieve happiness from hearing , seeing and meeting new people ; happiness can be achieved by every action through the day .


Does the money bring the person his happiness ? 

Nowadays everyone thinks that money bring the absolute happiness , in fact it is true that it brings it but in other side money can bring the person a temporary happiness , here is a good example ; when a person thinks that he will get the absolute happiness when he get his own car or own house , and once he get it , he tries to search for another things ,it could make him happier again , so here we can see that money can bring happiness but a temporary one and not an absolute .

10 important behaviors can make you happy through your day ! 

10-Smile/ sharing your smile to others can change their moods !

9-Love/ expressing love can change yourday , because making things well depends ln how you did them , in love or without .

8-Giving and receiving compliments/ saying you are beautiful , you are looking good today ,can absolutely change the mood .

7-Positivity/ Of course , being positive and thinking about the future , with a positive way can make you happier .

6-Eating Food/ try to enjoy each piece of food , and think how it prepared just to eat it you will enjoy it ✌️ 

5-Be close to God / that’s the most important behavior to be happy ,god is the only one who can bring you happiness and change your mood from stress to good vibe .

4-Travel and trip / travel also one of the most important behaviors to be happy , by discovering new places and seeing the creations .

3-Sport / doing sport can change your mood and your personality to the good side 

2-Success / yes , either success in your study career or your personal life 

1-Communication with others / being good listener and good talker can make a good communication without conflict and difficulties and that absolutely will lead to happiness .

What should the person avoid to gain happiness? 

  • The person should avoid being alone , he should be social and make new relations , that will absolutely fade stress and anxiety.
  • Antagonism and hatred because both of them change the person and make his heart black as we say. 
  • Anger : the person should respire and take things easy to feel happiness 
  • He must avoid interfering in what is not his concern .


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