Friendship is a social relationship that relates two persons or more , this relation must be established of truth ,affection ,cooperation and love between the friends who are making it .

How can I choose good friends from worst ones ?

Choosing good friends from bad ones depends on the researcher himself ,the person first of all  should be honest and trustworthy before searching for good friends.

So if these characteristics are existing in his personality ,so he is able to look for a suitable friend or friends as him.

The other side is bad friends , the person will absolutely meet bad friends that will make him regret the day he met them before , but the good point here is how should i be far of them ,

how can i destroy the link between me and thel , well ,that question absolutely came to your mind one day , the great idea that behalfs the previous one ,is how i could make my worst friends good ones again , so they can develop and improve my life to the best life  .

Here you should Talk , behave , and Act  front of them that you are doing right behaviors and actions , you should speak and tell them how to deal with situations ,and they will absolutely be great , and then  you will be a good pretend as an icon in your environment why not !? 

The six important characteristics that must be in a friend .

1/ Honesty : the two persons or the friends in general must be honest with each other .

2/ Loyalty : everyone should be loyal to his close friend , he should keep his secrets , advice him in bad situations

3/ Respect : respect makes relations stay forever yes!! 

4/ Love : love is something not only friends should react with , but everyone in that love have to 

5/ Humorous : it is great to find a friend between his friends has the spirit of humour and the good mood , that will absolutely affects on other persons .

6/ wisdom : yes ! At least one of person of the group should have that characteristic , because wisdom will make all of them understand what to do before doing , to know the results before trying , that will make them good controllers .

How can Respect strengthen the friendship ?

Respect and respect ; Dear reader , don’t ever try to tell your friends or even your close friends about your secrets ,or family secrets , because despite he is your best friend he is still a person ! ,Second thing of respect , respect yourself as well as possible front of others , don’t ever try to criticize something you don’t like in your body or personality front of your friends ,for example ; I don’t like my body ,I am too fat , or I don’t like my voice ; it looks like man’s voice , please dear reader , try to love yourself

and exactly front of others , because the respect they will give you , will absolutely increase the respect you are giving yourself , Finally respect your family front of your close friends , don’t talk badly about them just to get advices , you can get them and ask about them with many methods whithout mentioning them , just think about it


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